Announcing HomeStation Magazine’s First Ever Annual Survey of Home, 2012

by Terra_Cide, HSM Managing Editor

You’ve come a long way, baby.

Just in the past year, Home has gone through some pretty massive changes, changes that three-plus years ago, when I first joined Home, were things we dreamed of, but could barely hope were possible.

But just where is Home going? One way of finding out is to see where it’s at right now.

Now, unless you’re Sony, there’s really no way of knowing any exact numbers. Sure, they’ve stated publicly that there are more than twenty-three-million PlayStation Home users, but that number is of such a size that it’s practically meaningless. Home has become such a complex place of games, social groups, and so much more, that to simply hang a number like 23 million on it is like trying comprehend what 80-100 billion galaxies in the observable universe looks like.

With 23M users, what does Home look like?

So we asked ourselves, why not try to give this picture a bit of clarity? And thus, the idea of creating a survey about Home was born.

Some might wonder why we haven’t done this before, and the truth of the matter is that had we done it sooner, it wouldn’t have been nearly as clear a picture. Our visitor numbers, we feel, now are beginning to represent a broader cross-section of Home, not to mention are, on the whole, much bigger than they were last year.

To our knowledge, nothing like this has been done before, making it the first – albeit unofficial – survey of Home. Drawing our inspiration from the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) annual surveys about the whole gaming industry, we did our best to craft questions that we felt would provide – at the very least – a vague “blocking” of an image of Home. We didn’t go too far into detail – finding out the best site to buy safe views on youtube, for example – as we didn’t want to ovewhelm survey takers with too many questions. That said, it could be something we look into in future surveys.

There are no opinion questions here; we just want the facts, and the facts are about you. It does not matter what region you are native to, nor does it matter which country you are from. Home is as near as makes no difference a global experience, and it’s time we record what that global experience looks like. All your responses will be completely anonymous; you do not need to register to take the survey, nor do we record your IP address, name, or email.

To take the survey, please follow this link:

You will be asked to complete a basic math question (just to make sure you’re not a bot), and from there, you can complete the survey.

We plan to leave the survey up and running for a month; we figure that should be long enough a time to collect a sufficient number of responses. Once the survey is over, we will begin to analyze the data, with the results being published by December.

We look forward to seeing how the community responds to the survey. Will there be any surprises? All bets are off here at HSM; we’re just genuinely excited to see what results the data will provide.

Please note that this survey is the sole responsibility of HomeStation Magazine, and is not affiliated in any way with Sony Computer Entertainment, its subsidiaries, its employees, past or present, its developers or their employees, past or present.

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