Dolphy Race for MS

By Cynella, HSM staff writer

On December 3rd, at 9PM Eastern time, several people gathered at the Hudson Gate public space to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Most were sporting purple text bubbles and purple or orange clothing.

Multiple Sclerosis is most commonly known as MS. MS causes the body’s immune system to attack and damage the nerve cells. Although there are many speculations about what causes the disease, the cause is unknown. Almost any neurological symptom can occur and the disease often progresses to include cognitive and physical disabilities. This disease most often appears in young adults and is more common among females. There is to this date no cure for MS, only a few treatments that can help the victim to return some function after an attack.

Home has previously seen breast cancer walks, but the numerous people that showed to the Dolphy Event proved that we of Home are a caring community that can come together to support a variety of different causes. Although there are currently no clothing items other than breast cancer t-shirts that donate money to charities, I think that there could be several different charities and events represented in Home.

The night at the races started out with great excitement; many raced, including a purple dolphy named plzcurems. Unfortunately the recent problems in the Hudson Space were very present as people froze and experienced network errors. Nevertheless, the night ended with a party celebrating the night’s events.  I would personally like to thank all that made it out on Friday night to support this cause.

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