Issue 6

Aloha, and welcome to the sixth issue of HomeStation Magazine!

This issue of HSM is absolutely jampacked with content — there really is something for everyone here. First off, our cover story should have everyone excited: an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Lockwood’s Sodium2, which is currently taking Home by storm. Sodium2 is completely free to play, and it offers a true multiplayer experience in Home. Our little virtual reality offers some fantastic gaming experiences today — Novus Prime, Aurora OrbRunner, Midway, Conspiracy and beyond — but there can be no doubt that at the present time, Sodium2 is Home’s flagship gaming experience. So, within the pages of this issue, come see concept art and behind-the-curtain details of how Sodium2 was created!

The Lockwood love doesn’t stop there, though. Anyone who’s spent even five minutes in one of Home’s public spaces will be inundated with avatars wearing Lockwood clothing, and for one very simple reason: Lockwood keeps making awesome stuff. You could go to Lockwood, instruct them to make something crappy, and it would still be awesome. It’s like they don’t know how to unplug the Awesome Machine. So, we went to Lockwood and asked their designers what they themselves enjoy wearing in Home. Fashionistas, take note: there are some very inventive combinations here!

(We’d like to thank Lockwood Community Manager Alex Loffstadt for helping us get all of this stuff put together. He rocks.)

By the way, if you haven’t yet purchased Lockwood’s first personal estate in Home — the Blaster’s Paradise — we strongly recommend doing so, especially for the TankTop minigame it offers. Here’s HSM’s look at it:

Speaking of fashion, we also have a very imaginative article from Pixietails, who managed to show an entire century of fashion with Home outfits. It’s probably the most inventive Home fashion article you’ll ever see.

Also, this issue brings a very special installment of Echo Chronicles, our regular Homeling column: an interview with Mother, the creator of the Homelings!Burbie52, the head of the Grey Gamers, sits down with buddy118 (Mother) and talks about the creation of the Homeling Collective, its ethos, and how it fits into Home. It’s a truly fantastic story, and a wonderful spotlight feature on one of Home’s oldest and most well-respected groups.

And the notable interviews just keep coming: Cynella offers up an interview with TSFRJ, the man who created the wonderfully imaginative Sodium-themed levels in Little Big Planet 2!

(In case you haven’t already noticed, this issue has some seriously high Sodium content. Oh, and by the way, give some credit to our art director, MJG74. This guy singlehandedly lays out every single issue of HSM, and he really knocked this one out of the park.)

We also have a fascinating article, written by Amir29, which tries to piece together what tidbits of knowledge we have about the PlayStation 4, and what it could possibly end up offering. Amir researched the heck out of this story, trying to separate fact from fiction, and puts together a very compelling case as to why the future PS4 will simply be the most epic gaming machine ever created.

But let’s not forget that HomeStation’s bread and butter has always been examining Home’s social issues, and exploring Home from a sociological perspective instead of simply a gaming perspective. Along those lines, this issue offers some very interesting and provocative articles examining various social issues within Home, including:

  • Have any of Home’s public spaces motivated you to buy a game? — written by Keara22HI
  • Should avatars be allowed to fight? — written by CheekyGuy
  • Should Home’s default questions be rewritten? — written by Keara22HI
  • Enhancing Home’s block feature — written by IrishSiren

Like I said — this issue is packed to the bursting point with content! So, on behalf of the entire HomeStation team, I’d like to invite you to explore our sixth magazine issue, and spend some time exploring the HomeStation!

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