Issue 8

Aloha, and welcome to the eighth issue of HomeStation Magazine!

This issue of HSM puts the spotlight on one of Home’s most notable groups. They are not a club, nor a fam, nor anything else so informal; they are a legitimate production company, well organized and dedicated to the creation of a product which is difficult to master: machinima.

That group is PSTalent.

You need only look as far as Home’s own cinema screens to see their work. And there’s a reason why their films are being shown in Home: because they’re really quite good. I’ve had the good fortune to meet DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY, along with several key members of his PSTalent team, and they’re a remarkably cohesive, tight-knit group.

I personally take my hat off to anyone who has the skill level and work ethic to consistently produce a quality product that gives back to the
Home community. It’s easy to talk a good game; it’s quite another thing to back it up. I’ve got a fair level of experience with professional showbiz, and let me tell you: it’s exhausting work. Now multiply that level of difficulty by trying to overcome the technical difficulties of filming in virtual reality, plus trying to still creatively tell a compelling story.

It is thus that we felt it wholly appropriate to feature PSTalent in HomeStation. They’ve earned it. And my Jedi powers sense even greater success coming their way.

This issue is absolutely jampacked with content:

  • A gender-swapping sociological experiment (Gideon, Keara, Burbie and Orion)
  • How to “live off the land” in Home and build up a substantial list of goodies without spending a dime (Burbie)
  • Five darn good reasons to love Lockwood Publishing (johneboy1970)
  • An interview with Locust_Star about Ooblag’s Alien Casino (Jersquall)
  • How to actually get a girl to have a conversation with you in Home (Orion)
  • A day at the Home Community Theatre (xx96791DEATHxx)
  • The latest Echo Chronicles chapter, following the epic saga of the Homelings (SealWyf)
  • An interview with a true Home athlete, RayBladeX (Burbie)
  • A look at Irem, Granzella and the South Sea Island Retreat (Aeternitas)
  • An examination of the upcoming Hub deployment within Home (Gideon)

So, from all of us at the HomeStation, thank you for coming along with us on this ride. We hope you enjoy Issue #8!

Mahalo nui loa,


Editor-in-Chief, HSM


Twitter: @HomeStationMag

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