10 Essential Home Maintenance Tasks You Are Probably Neglecting

Maintaining your home is essential, especially when you likely want it to last for a lifetime. If you fail to properly maintain your home, it will lose value over time and will cost you a lot of money to fix in the end. So, with that said, we will look at 10 typical home maintenance tasks that you’re likely neglecting.
1. Check your fridge coils and clean them. Unfortunately, over time, the coils on your fridge typically collect a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. As a result, this causes your fridge to work less efficiently and can even increase your electricity bill. So, you should aim to clean out these coils at least twice per year.
2. Clean your windows. It is easy to forget to clean your windows since they are typically covered by blinds or curtains. However, cleaning them is essential and you should aim to do so once every two months.
3. If you have ceiling fans in your home, then you should strive to clean them regularly. They can get quite dirty and it is easy to forget about cleaning them. You should clean them once every month so that they don’t continue to blow dust and dirt around your home.
4. Cleaning the gutters. Over time, your gutters can collect a lot of leaves, twigs and other debris. This can cause your guttering to leak. So, be sure to check them at least once every few months and clean them as necessary.
5. If you have siding on the exterior of your home, then you should clean it once it starts to look dirty. It is best to use a pressure washer to do so.
6. Clean under your furniture and appliances. Unfortunately, many people forget to clean under their furniture simply because it’s too heavy to move. However, you should do so at least twice per year.
7. Next, you should clean your stove or range hood. Unfortunately, the filter for your range can get quite dirty with grease and you should clean or replace it at least once per year. You can call Dallas grease trap cleaning to clean or replace your grease traps at home.
8. The bathroom fan is another important thing to clean since it is responsible for removing moisture from your bathroom. As a result, it can have a lot of mildew and dirt on it and you should clean it once per month.
9. Next, cleaning your dryer hose and vent is another task you should not ignore since it can potentially cause a fire. You should regularly clear out the lint from your dryer’s vent to keep it in good condition and safe.
10. Lastly, be sure to change your air filter in your HVAC regularly. This will keep the air in your home healthy for you and your family. Call air conditioning Maui for regular air conditioning service.
Another is your basement. Check the gutters, insulate your pipes, and check the landscaping around your house. Finish your unfinished basement renovation. Be sure to hire a skilled and reliable basement finishing contractor.

How To Clean Your House Effectively And Properly

Cleaning your house well is very vital and essential. In case this is not done well, some problems will follow. These include faulty HVAC systems, leaky roofs and not forgetting the most common one, ailments transmitted to the occupants. Here are a few tips to ensure you clean your house like a pro.

Dust the House

The first step involves dusting all the rooms, all furniture, shelves, and any equipment in the room that could be a dust accumulation area. You can consider using something wet or dry dusting. Ensure you do this thoroughly, till all the dust is gone. If you saw insects in your house either bed bugs or cockroaches, you can call Seattle bed bug removal to exterminate them.

Clean the Rooms

Once you are done with the dusting process, now begin the cleaning of every room, including the kitchen and bathrooms. Clean the furniture, floor, and the surfaces. Do not also forget to clean the windows, which are also dust accumulation points.

Doing away with dirt aside, there are other house cleaning tasks most people tend to forget. The following are some of them, you should consider carrying out.

Check the Heating System and Air conditioning

This task obviously may be difficult for you. However, consider hiring a professional to regularly maintain the heating system in the fall and the one for cooling in the spring. Call AC Maui they will help you with it. This is worth investing in to ensure your house is in good condition.

Clean the Gutters

Similarly, most people forget this. Always clean your gutters to remove accumulated debris and other particles. This will play a vital role in preventing rotting and possible leaks which could be even more expensive. Repair your gutters or roofs in Maui roofing contractor. They offer excellent service at affordable prices.

Drain your Heaters

Due to the accumulation of minerals that would lead to blockages, it is always advisable to drain your heaters, to prevent future failure. This will greatly favor you financially.

Flush out Clogs from Time to Time

To avoid water damage or leaks, ensure your plumbing system is running well. Immediately a clog occurs attend to it as soon as possible. This may include removing hair that accumulates in your shower and also removing gunk near your toilet. It there’s water damage happens in your house, Oahu water damage immediately to clean the water up.

If you have a grease trap at home, clean it regularly. Best to let it to grease trap cleaning services.

Once you have followed the vital house cleaning steps, homeownership will be less of a burden to you. Your comfort will be uninterrupted and you will always enjoy staying at your house.

How To Get Your Pool Ready For The Summer

Summer is coming and so are many happy, fun days in the sun and in the pool. There are a few things you will need to do to get your pool clean and ready for a full season of use. This article covers the essentials. These to-dos take just a little bit of your time but the results are worth it. You and your family and friends can look forward to lots of enjoyable time swimming and relaxing in your cool, clean swimming pool.
Take off the cover. Remove any standing water before you pull it off. Be sure to sweep it clean of any debris if it is dry before you pull it off as well. Store it where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or weather elements.
Check the water level and have the water analyzed. You may want to bring it to your local pool experts to have a professional analysis done. They can suggest the appropriate products to use if the water needs to be brought to different pH levels. If you do the analysis yourself and need to, add the proper chemicals to get the pH levels to where they need to be. Buy a filter cleaner while you are there and use it to clean and sanitize the pool’s filter.
Call a professional pool resurfacing company if there’s any problem or repairs that you want to your pool. You can also contact the Cathedral City pool resurfacing for their great services.
Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand to keep your pool clean and sanitary. This includes making certain that your pool’s skimmer is in good shape. If it needs it, have it professionally cleaned by your local pool experts.
Before you invite your friends over for that first summer swim, stock up on pool accessories. Make sure you have pool floats for the kids, plastic drink and dinnerware for outdoor snacks and plenty of towels for drying off. If you need help, contact your pool experts to get your pool ready for summer!