Enjoying The Best Sunset Spots In Maui

Hawaii is widely known as one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. Tourists flock to the shores of its islands in the millions. They come for the incredible resorts, the azure waters, the beaches, the valleys – as well as a whole host of other natural wonders in this island paradise. One of the most unforgettable of these natural attractions is the beauty of the setting sun as viewed from the island of Maui. This viewing experience is the perfect wat to round off a day spent on the pristine sands of Maui.
There are a number of viewing spots that continue to attract visitors who want to take in the multicolored spectacle of the setting sun to the island. The challenge is finding that perfect spot when so many are available. However, should you find it (or have numerous days to explore the options) you will be rewarded by a spectacle not soon forgotten.
Here are some of the best places to get that perfect sunset viewing experience while on Maui.
Imagine if you will hiking to the top of an extinct volcano to watch the sun settle into the sea. That is what you will experience after hiking up the slopes in Haleakala National Park and settling in for this great natural spectacle.
Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui must be one of the most scenic and romantic beaches in the world. watching the sunset from its sands is truly an event to be savored – and it offers some exceptional photo opportunities.  For another great beach-based sunset experience get away from the crowds at Keawakapu Beach. this mile-long stretch of sand is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic-style evening meal while watching the setting sun reflect off the magical waters. Make an extra special effort to remember the chilled champagne or some pre-mixed cocktails.
A sunset as seen from Maui is truly a magical experience. Make sure that it is on your vacation bucket list.